Hazardous Waste Transportation Services

Perhaps the biggest part of dealing with hazardous waste, is the proper packaging and transportation of the material. Hazardous chemical transportation requires and expert knowledge and understanding of chemical compatibility and volatility with waste transport services. We don’t simply pick up and transport hazardous waste. We recognize duty to package and transport materials in the safest manner possible to exact the least amount of stress on the surrounding environment. We provide a safe and qualified technicians to properly separate and package the hazardous materials properly for safe and secure hazardous waste drop off.

We offer a fleet of vehicles which include 13,000 to 36,000 liter capacity trucks, as well as, smaller cube vans for smaller projects. We have self-loading stainless steel tanker trucks to dry vans and cube vans. We also provide the following:

  •  Professional experience bondable drivers
  •  FAST free and secure trade - Approved logistics across the USA border
  •  Random drug and alcohol testing drivers
  •  Criminal record verification
  •  Ontime delivery with confirmed schedules

Reach out to RPR Environmental to find out more details about our waste shipment transportation services.

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