Bulk Disposal

Bulk Disposal Services for Hazardous Waste

RPR Environmental provides safe and efficient bulk garbage disposal methods of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. All methods abide by all environmental and regulatory guidelines to ensure safe transport and disposal of all materials.

Our bulk waste disposal services work with the following types of hazardous waste:

  •  Solid hazardous waste
  •  Semi-solid hazardous waste
  •  Sludge
  •  Liquid
  •  Liquid with sludge

We provide bulk waste disposal services too. RPR Environmental has a fleet of vehicles to transport any amount of bulk waste safely and efficiently.

Our team at RPR Environmental will work with your site to:

  •  Set up the schedule to pick up bulk waste
  •  Set up automated reminders for scheduled bulk waste pick up
  •  Provide easy solutions to deal with your bulk waste management
  •  Provide convenient, effective, and economical methods of waste disposal

Hazardous waste is processed, recycled, neutralized, or incinerated, to ensure the safest method of disposal. Reach out to RPR Environmental for more information on why we’re the best bulk hazardous waste disposal company in Ontario.

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