Registration with HWIN (Hazardous Waste Information Network) is an indispensable part of chemical waste management of any organization. There are not only environmental but legal obligations attached to a chemical waste generation and are the sole liabilities of the generator. Ensuring the regulatory compliance and ever changing expectations of Ministry of Environment (MOE) can be challenging and interfering with the other daily functions and processes for the managers. To serve you better and simply helping you “in what to do”, we offer HWIN support to all our customers.

Our HWIN support program includes:

  • Support and guide in usage of HWIN.
  • Support in administration of HWIN account, especially for customers with single generator and multiple locations.
  • Understand the requirements and administer customers HWIN account on their behalf like a consultant.
  • Provide support in registration of additional waste class codes into customer HWIN account.
  • Update the registered waste class codes before the shipment on behalf of the customer as agreed/requested.
  • Ensure that the generator is registered with the HWIN and has all waste class codes required for disposal activated in their account to prevent any non-compliant shipment in error.
  • Provide complete support in HWIN account annual renewal.

If you have forgotten or lost your HWIN username and/or password, then only the HWIN holder can call the HWIN help desk at 1-866-494-6663 and speak to the operator to get it. The caller would be required to provide the Generator Number and/or company name.

NOTE: RPR provides complete support services in HWIN administration and management to all its customers at a separate consultation rate. Although the HWIN administration is done on behalf of the customer, the accuracy of the information provided to the Ministry of the environment is the responsibility or the generator only.